Tower Technology, Inc. (TTI) is an independent engineering organization, established in 1981, that offers engineering consulting for antenna supporting structures.

Since the mid 1990’s with digital cellular, there has been substantial growth in the communication industry. Tower software has opened up the field to any engineer who purchases a program. Many of these engineers have very little experience in this field. Our engineering experience dates back to the 1950’s when the tower industry was still in its infancy. We not only studied the industry growth but also served an integral part by participating in the continuing development of the engineering standard that is still used to design and analyze most all communication structures in the United States.

Tower information is not always available for existing towers. What is the tower configuration? What is the strength of steel? What foundation was installed? These are common questions. There are sometimes uncommon questions. What caused this manufacturer to change the design of their tower 20 years ago? Why is my reliability so bad on this microwave path even though it works on the analysis? Experience and knowledge substantially increases the accuracy of the analysis and decrease the problems likely to occur in the field.

TTI has analyzed towers in all 50 states plus numerous foreign countries. TTI maintains an easily accessible database for each tower analyzed. TTI also maintains most original manufacturer drawings for Andrew Corporation, Grasis Corporation, Path Products and G.E. Mathis, which no longer fabricate towers. If original drawings are not available, TTI has ComTrain certified field personnel that will perform site visits to obtain information necessary for an analysis.

With the industry growth, many companies have also expanded into other areas in this field. Consulting engineering on the antenna supporting structures is the only service that TTI has ever provided. TTI maintains no direct ties with any other company in the industry. An analysis performed by TTI will truly be impartial and have no outside influence. TTI’s goal is to provide the safest and most economical method to maintain the structure.

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